World Music


Ambient & Sound Scapes

Great Production Music
(and lots of it!)

Inspired by the not-so-beautiful harmony that our dogs of many mixes would add in the studio at the most inappropriate times, we have named our studio in their name-sake. Taking decades of live performance and touring experience and bottling that into music beds, Singing Dog Studios has created a catalog of thousands of tracks spanning a variety of genres.


Video and Photography

We don’t just do custom production music, we also specialize in stock video and photography. The subjects cover a variety of areas that are used in magazine and newspaper ads, TV commercials, website development, and much more.

All That Jazz

From bebop to swing to intimate trios, this is a collection of music that snap your fingers and tap your toes.

Blues and Blues Rock

From the Mississippi Delta to the blues clubs of Chicago, these blues arrangements are full of passion.

Corporate Tracks

A collection of music that takes you from the front line to the board room.

Country & Bluegrass

Hayseeds to hoe downs, bluegrass to new country, and everything in between.

World Music and Beats

Travel around the world to hear the best of what it has to offer!