This is just a very small sample of the tracks that are available from Singing Dog Studios. With a catalog of over 5,000 tracks (and growing), if you are looking for something specific, just ask and if we don’t have it, we will record it!


This arrangement from Singing Dog Studios features energetic Afro Cuban jazz instruments with sweeping brass leads, wandering double bass and playful, exotic Cuban rhythms. Mischievous, uplifting Latin jazz and its winding melody takes you straight to the back alley ways on some Caribbean port town or the beaches south of Cancun. It’s the perfect soundtrack or backing track to set just the right mood for your next project.


Singing Dog Studios brings you these adaptations of traditional native folk songs that takes you to the back street of Lima, the foothills of the Andes, or up to Machu Picchu. These arrangements are true to the style of the music of this region that features unique rhythms, melodies, song structures, and instruments.


Take a trip to south of the border with this Singing Dog Studios adaptation of a traditional melody. This arrangement is the perfect sound track or music bed for your next project. This is a traditional son jaliscience that has the sound of a traditional mariachi from Mexico. Typically, this type of song is heard at Mexican restaurants. An upbeat and fun Mariachi style track best suited for jingles, advertising, cooking videos, entertaining cultural presentations about Mexico, and more!